The Crowdsourcing Pull

Companies used to hire employees to do their work or outsource it to other specialized companies. Now the private sector crowdsources or invites the public through an open call to help them create solutions. Many companies have followed this trend of mass collaboration enabled by Web 2.0 to reach their business goals.

This great cheap option has been criticized for offering low or no wages and taking employment and contract opportunities away from individuals and companies.

Nevertheless, my husband could not help but give in to the pull of crowdsourcing this week. The radio network NRJ made an open call to help the Montreal station come up with a new 30-s commercial with a cash prize. Was it the reward that kept someone awake day and night for the past week? Or was it having a great, albeit AMBITIOUS, idea that he just had to work on? But can I criticize him? No, because I took on an equally ambitious and unpaid project this week--my first podcast via Skype.

Please watch our final 30s commercial.


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