4th Year: Blowing up the Basement, the App

My Dad an I Taking Pictures in the Old Port
We are around the date of my third blogiversary, and what an eventful three years it has been. Of all the hobbies I've had in my life, blogging has been the most enjoyable. I'm always learning something new.

This was a big year in our lives. We sold our condo, which took seven weeks of staging and cleaning up. A week before our big move, my husband got his dream job leaving me with the packing during a heatwave, at which time our air conditioner broke down, only after our car died.

But I still kept blogging, even tackling "the interview." In fact, the post that received the most hits this year was my Interview With Author Billie Livingston, who has a new book, One Good Hustle, coming out in the spring. Billie is one of my favourite authors because of her iconoclastic women characters. They can be sweet and kind and then mean and petulant just a page away.

A close second in terms of number of hits was a review I did for Elevate Difference on the Girls' History and Cultural Reader: The Twentieth Century. This was a collection of scholarly essays written about girls and the changes in their lives in the 20th century. Although this was a fascinating book, it was vast, and I found writing a fair, critical review very difficult.

The third most popular post was the eyewitness demise of Montreal's Georges Marciano. My friend Lucie was at Marciano's hotel bar when his priceless art collection was being seized by men in white uniforms. The jean titan's legal woes had finally caught up with him.

So in three years, I've added photos, videos and the odd survey. I have posted reviews, interviews, rants, how-tos, fluff and some discoveries. That's why I've decided to move on to special effects. (Please rub your palms in anticipation.)

In this short video, instead of cleaning up the basement with its mix of cat hair, wrapping paper, gifts and general mess, I've decided to simply blow it up. Just like Vegas! Here it is for your viewing pleasure:


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