Being a Woman: A Pre-existing Condition

How would you feel if you discovered that your health insurance did not cover maternity or reproductive care? How would you feel if you were denied health coverage for the sole reason that you had had a c-section. How would you feel if you paid higher insurance premiums than your husband or brother?

Sounds to me like women are facing sex-based discrimination south of the border. Although we have universal health care in Canada, there are many things not covered. For instance, in Ontario, universal health care does not cover prescription drugs. All across Canada, we, too, have grown accustomed to being told that our insurance company doesn't cover some essential item. For instance, I recently learned that my insurance company covered only the first $250 of my prescription glasses. They cost $750 dollars. It's time for all of us to get out our magnifying glass and read the 4pt font at the bottom of our insurance policies, particularly upon renewal.

The following is an emailed comment from a dear friend, which I thought was very a propos:

...I'm not surprised that being female is once again being viewed as some kind of liability, if the last few thousand years of discrimination have been any indication...

To find out more what women throughout the US are doing to protest the pre-existing condition go to The Undomestic Goddess.


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