Internet Addiction: Poll Results

As the responses to our poll flooded in, we found that that most readers had a healthy relationship with the Internet. While one poor respondent teetered on the brink, about a third of you confessed to a full-blown Internet addiction (IA). Maybe the four of you can meet up in a café, obviously not an Internet café, and establish an Internet Anonymous chapter. If you don't live in the same city, you can always establish a...never mind.

I must admit. My research into IA has made me painfully aware of how much time I waste surfing the net. StumbleUpon has helped me to find the absolute best sites, but I've also allowed it to become my poisoned chalice.* I more than stumbled upon it; I fell on it face first. To prove to myself and my entire family that I am not Internet addicted and that my attention span is on the mend, I watched a movie, Mary & Max, three times this past weekend. Am I still addicted, if, after 15 minutes into the film, I was convinced I was going to blog about it? Or that I choose to blog at night or early morning when everyone is asleep. You tell me reader.

Special thanks to my significant other who DIDN'T take the poll...Hmmm, maybe he has something to hide.


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