St-Viateur: the Polish Bazaar

Every year in the basement of the St-Viateur church, a large bazaar is held. Although the shamrocks on the outside of this imposing church would lead passersby to believe that it serves the Irish community, which may have been the case in decades past, today the congregation is largely Polish, and the bazaar is a great chance to pick up some beautiful Polish items and enjoy some Polish food for next to nothing.

As can be expected, there are hand-painted wooden Easter eggs, which usually cost about $10 each in a specialty store, some nesting dolls and, of course, amber jewelry. I learned today from the vendor that amber is worn to ward off throat infections and as a protective measure against stress. In fact, she told me that "I could spit on her if I wanted, but nothing would cause her stress!"

Although the amber she had was tempting and inexpensive, I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. God knows after being sick for 10 days, I would do ANYTHING to protect myself from stress and throat infections. I did, however, find two beautiful hand-painted pen covers for a dollar each. When the tiny tube with ink is used up, you just put in a new refill.You can see one of them on the left in the basket along with the Easter eggs I bought. Double click on the picture to enlarge.

I'm a big fan of church bazaars. They are great for finding vintage items at low prices.

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Maryann | October 30, 2010 at 8:18 PM

I adore those painted eggs. My aunt bought me a few at a craft fair, and I just love them. In fact, I've used them as Christmas ornaments.
Glad you're out and about after feeling crappy for so long.


PS I'm interested in your giveaway!

Heather | October 31, 2010 at 8:55 AM

Christmas ornaments? That's a great idea. I think that they are beautiful enough to have out all the time. Thanks for your well wishes. I'll add your names to those interested in Heave.

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