Recipe for Dirty Dozen Toxin-Free Detangler

What you'll need
Reading the Birth House had me thinking about home remedies again. Sitting behind my kids a few nights ago, I was astounded by the knots in their fine hair. They've both been sick with a cough and spent the better part of the week in their pyjamas and bed. The winter heating and cold weather make everyone's hair extra dry in January and February.

There are a number of spray-in hair detanglers on the market, some which work and some which don't. I gave up on them last fall when I read the list of ingredients on the brand we once used. It contained at least 7 dirty dozen ingredients, which included carcinogens, and because it was something I used daily on my kids' hair, I decided to give it the heave-ho.

This week, I tried a new recipe that worked almost as well as the previous toxic brand. Another great point, it costs next to nothing to make.

I took the dirty-dozen free Oneka hair conditioner and squeezed in enough to cover the bottom of a 750ml clear plastic spray bottle that I bought for a buck at the dollar store. I filled the spray bottle up to the top with water, shook the mixture until there was no more conditioner on the bottom, and my detangler was ready.

My daughter was my guinea pig. I found the centre of the knots, sprayed on some detangler and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then I combed her hair through. Of course, whether it worked or not depends on how it looked when it dried. I was afraid it would stick together and feel greasy, but it was smooth and dry to the touch.

My son, as you can see, has been harder to pin down to try out our new product.

BTW, Lucie finished her lemon and ylang ylang shower gel and said that it added enough moisturizer that she didn't have to use as much body lotion after her shower (recipe in first link under Other related posts). I also had two other people sign up as guinea pigs. One is trying out a lavender and grapefruit shower gel and to date, she seems to be enjoying it.

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