Dear Bixi Chairman Roger Plamondon

The recent inclement weather has prevented me from making the most of my $78-annual Bixi subscription. I've heard all about the advertising on the individual bikes and the necessity of paying down the crippling debt. But apparently this year, the fleet has expanded considerably to 5,050 bikes with 405 docking stations and now serves 4 additional Montreal boroughs. You've also raised our first free 30 minutes to 45. It's a shame. I loved that little adrenaline rush of trying to get to point B before I had to pay an additional $1.50. It was a fun way to get in shape, and whenever an errand had to be run, I was our family's gleeful volunteer. Funny how the Bixi has never been raised as a future savings to our overburdened health care system. If you read my list of previous posts, you will see that I have had nothing but praise for Bixi in the previous two years.

Mr. Plamondon, with all due respect, I have heard your business arguments as to why you had to add the hideous corporate advertising to your fleet, which you only announced at the 11th hour. All the other cities are doin' it... It will pay off the debt faster, etc. But if you were experiencing financial uncertainty then why expand your fleet so dramatically and increase the free period. Hmmm...I have my suspicions.

I also suggest that you hire someone in your marketing department who can better profile a Bixi user. Like many other users, I've chosen a bike over a car because I have opted to live simply and have refused to buy into the corporate culture. Record profits amid massive layoffs are disgusting. I don't care about anyone's bottom line anymore because it's almost always bullshit. We are living in an age of greed in which end-users, the captive market, are force fed decisions made by company brass to increase their profit margins, which I suspect is the case here.

Mr. Plamondon, you have not honoured our agreement. You cannot add to an agreement that has already been made. I never agreed to corporate advertising on the bikes I ride, especially since I am the one creating visibility for your corporate sponsors! Not only was this advertising not part of our agreement, but it is also disrespectful and I am respectfully asking you to remove your corporate crap. Otherwise, I will let my subscription! Oh, I think it lapsed already.

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