Cent motifs, un paysage by Annie Hamel

Of all the murals I have seen in Montreal, this is one of my favourite. Located at the west entrance to Jarry Park on  Saint-Roch, Cent motifs,un paysage by Annie Hamel was completed in 2010 as part of Park Extension's Centennial celebrations. The different cloths represent the various ethnic groups who have made Park Extension their home upon arrival from Greece, Hungary, England, Guatemala, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Haiti and India. At first glance the woman appears to be from South Asia, but if you look more closely you'll see her African features. In addition to the rich colours, the cloths have a stunning three-dimensional quality, and each could be a stand-alone piece. It's nice to come across such a tasteful mural.

Congratulations to Annie and to MU, the organization behind some of Montreal's finest murals. To see more of Annie Hamel's work click here. To see more of MU's murals in Montreal click here.

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