Oriental Pastry Delights

Pâtisserie Villeray has been serving fine oriental pastries for over thirty years. Although the shop's specialty is baclava, I was interested in the cashew flowers, pictured on the left. The owner told me that they were made with filo dough, cashews, clarified butter, syrup and orange blossom water and that the preparation time was about an hour.

A dozen costs $11.00, and they are a great idea if you're bringing dessert for a small dinner party. And don't fret about not having enough.The cashew flower has a sweet, delicate taste, but is surprisingly rich, and even someone with a voracious appetite will not be able to eat more than two.

When I asked the owner about the number of calories in just one. He smiled and said, "Never mind the calories. They give you energy!" So, if you need some energy and would like to try a variety of fine oriental pastries, I suggest you drop by the shop at 373 Villeray at Drolet in Montreal.

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