Churros: the Uruguayan

Two Churros Filled with Caramel
Need some comfort food? Have I found the place! Churros Montreal is a lunch counter that serves specialties from Uruguay, the small country sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina. Similar to Argentine cuisine, the Uruguayan specialty is beef, which is the mainstay of many of the eatery's dishes

The lunch counter serves empanadas, sandwiches, milanesas and churros, its namesake. I've eaten churros in Spain in my thin days. The long sugar-coated fried bread was served with a warm mug of thick chocolate for dipping. The Uruguayan churro is similar in size, shape and sugar-coating, but  is instead filled with either caramel or chocolate. Yes, our equivalent would be a donut, probably with just as many calories. I've wanted to blog about churros before, but each time I bought them, they were gone before I had a chance to take a picture. Yes, churros are good ole comfort food, and my husband, who is annoyingly thin, loves them. Our favourite type is caramel.

Empanadas and Yerba Maté at Churros Montreal
Churros Montreal is a popular spot run by the Laner family. At any given time, you'll see the father cooking behind a standard kitchen stove, the mother and aunt preparing the food and the daughter or cousin serving at the counter. When I was in yesterday, they invited me back for an yerba maté between 5:00 and 6:00, when friends usually drop in for a chat.

Like Ange and Ricky's, Churros Montreal has a warm family feeling to it with some beautiful posters of the Uruguayan plain to give you a feeling of dépaysement.

Churros Montreal
7497 St-Hubert
Montreal, QC
H2R 2N5

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