Creole Cuisine

Sticky Rice, Goat Tassot, Fried Plantain, Hot Cabbage and Salad
I was walking on Jarry with a friend visiting from Toronto when a little restaurant caught my eye. Ange and Ricky's had large red and fuschia cloth flowers and a few clients eating with great enthusiasm.I had heard about this wonderful little restaurant that served Creole cuisine from a friend living in the neighbourhood. Although I'd never tried Creole before and was slightly apprehensive, I was drawn to the simple decor and friendly atmosphere.

My family and I made a short trip to Ange and Ricky's the following week. Ange, herself, came out to greet us. She asked us if we had ever been to her restaurant and then brought us out a sampler of what she was serving that Saturday. The meat was rich and savoury with a hint of spice, and the sticky rice with mushrooms or beans was heavenly. But for me, the pièce de résistance was the lemonade made from lemons, raspberry and Haitian vanilla, which gives the drink a slight ginger taste.

We've been back three times since, as the lemonade and food is a big hit with my kids. In fact, once we went back just to get a pitcher of lemonade for some dinner guests.

Ange said, "All the kids in the neighbourhood come in to buy a glass of lemonade. I sell 1,000 a month."

I can certainly see why.

Ange and Ricky's is a wonderful place to go for food made with love.I recommend the goat tassot (chèvre tassot) and the sticky rice with mushrooms. Anyway, you'll be able to decide for yourself because Ange and Ricky give all newcomers a taste before you order. In addition, Ange speaks English, Spanish and French.

Ange and Ricky
195 Jarry East
Montreal, QC


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