Begonias Through a Water Glass

The condensation on the water glass bears testimony to a warm sunny day. At least, we now have proof that there was at least one summery day this year. We're crossing our fingers that the fine weather will continue throughout August.

We are heading out to the wilderness, or to parts where there is no Internet connection...gulp. We aren't even sure if there is cell phone reception, so we'll be checking in with our loved ones periodically when we head into town for supplies. I have scheduled a few posts, so you should still check in periodically.

I'll leave you with this joke a wonderful senior told me.

A father is talking to his 18-year-old daughter about the birds and the bees.

Father: You know this young man. Well, he is going to ask you to go for coffee, then a movie and then for dinner. He will work up the courage to ask you back to his place, but you mustn't go because it will bring shame on the family.

Several weeks later...

Daughter: Father you were right. First, he asked me to go out for coffee, then a movie and then dinner. But then I tricked him Father. Instead of going back to his place, I asked him to mine, and now there is shame on HIS family.


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