Duluth Street: An Artist Named Phlash

Saturday after the gym, I took my bike to see if I could find a much-lauded guerrilla gardening project on Duluth Street. On this fine sunny morning (that's right, it wasn't almost sunny or not really rainy, as the rest of the summer has been), I went down to a neighbourhood that I rarely go to. It might sound strange given that we live only 10 minutes away, but when you have children and everything is nearby, you rarely venture outside the regular confines.

Well, I did not find this guerrilla gardening project. I saw a lot of nice city flower beds with everything growing beautifully, and a church group that has started a much needed mini-park with some wooden flower boxes, but there was nothing in the way of guerrilla gardening on this cobblestone street. What I did discover were several beautiful murals and a new Sunday farmer's market on Laval Street--a very good reason to venture back into this neck of the woods.

The picture on the left is also the artist responsible for my longtime avatar on Twitter. He signs quite simply
P 007. As you can see below, the mural wraps around the entire residence on Duluth Street.

While this mural is stunning, la pi├Ęce de resistance was two blocks further west. I went home raving about it until I convinced my family to come down and see it for themselves, and they were not disappointed. I saw both my husband and daughter's jaws drop when they caught their first glimpse. Unfortunately, although we had a wide angle lens this time to capture the whole mural, there was a red SUV parked in front partially obstructing our view. Anyway, on our trip to the farmer's market this morning, we promise to take a picture of this breathtaking mural.

Just found my artist. He goes by Phlash and you can find more of his work here: http://www.thaphlash.com/

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