Duluth Street: Norte-Sur Mural

Upon doing more research into the guerrilla gardening project I was looking for yesterday on Duluth, I discovered that the church group's mini park or wooden planters and benches I mentioned was in fact the project in question. Unfortunately, there wasn't a sign or any indication to inform us of this.

Besides, it had to compete with the mural on the left. Now after seeing this, who could fault us for missing the guerrilla gardening project?

I cropped the red vehicle out of the picture, which means that the bottom part of the mural has been removed too. (Now, we have more than one reason for loathing SUVs.)

We learned from a passerby that "Norte-Sur," the title of the mural, was the creation of two Montreal-based artists of Latin American descent who go by the name of Shalak and Guko. This mural is apparently a drawing of their personal histories.

The following is just one part of Shalak and Guko's "the making of" Norte-Sur. I chose this segment because it begins with a few shots of Duluth Street.

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Cameron | July 13, 2012 at 9:28 PM

Hi Heather, my name is Cameron Stiff and I coordinated both the mural and the garden projects at the House of Friendship. We are hoping to depave the other side of the parking lot this summer to create more people friendly space, and hope to complete another mural as well. Don`t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in being involved! Best, Cameron cameron.stiff@gmail.com

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