200th Post: the Readers' Choice

On Sunday, we went to the TOHU, close to the Cirque du Soleil's headquarters in Montreal, to see some trapeze artists at an outdoor show. Unfortunately, in addition to being overcast, it was windy, which wrought havoc on our performers, adversely affecting their timing. Most of their tricks failed with the performers making some spectacular falls onto the net below. The job of the performer is to make everything seem easy, but on this particular day, we saw just how difficult some of the tricks were. I came away with a greater appreciation of what the trapeze artist does. I was also pleased to have an opening to show my daughter, the obsessive perfectionist, that even highly trained people do not always succeed. It was also a golden opportunity to talk about the importance of risk-taking and learning from our mistakes.

My daughter however was not convinced. She said that people would say that the performers were poche or not very good after the show. I told her that everyone comes away from a performance with a different impression.

The same can be said about blogging. When I asked some of my regular readers which posts were their favourites, their choices were not necessarily the most popular, and I was surprised that some of them had been written more than a year ago.

Do you have a favourite post? Just drop me a line, and I'll add the post and link back to your blog.

On the occasion of my 200th post, I wanted to thank all my regular readers for their support and the time they have taken to read and comment.

Readers' Choice

Eloi  Because this reader is the father of my children and the person who has listened to all 200 first drafts. He was allowed to have two favourite posts: The Lure of Fishing on Bernard and The Path of an Activist.

Paternal unit Of course the paternal unit loves everything I do, but he especially likes anything related to his grandchildren. I welcome his input; however, I relinquish all responsibility for the content on his blog. ;-) Like Riding a Bike

François B. This reader enjoys the posts related to our neighbourhood. A Sense of Humour with the Wilensky Special Please!

Lucie This reader loved the Mile End's busiest florist. Multitasker Foils Gentrification

Renata This former cycling fanatic liked all things Bixi-related.The Bixi: Success for All?

Pamela  A eulogy for my mom who died unexpectedly last August. An Unexpected Turn

Johanna My connection to Banff and a funny story about my cousin Rina. 
 Banff and a Canmore Family Yarn

Madeleine The favourite of a mother who has had her share of similar adventures out shopping with her children. The Joy of Crafts

Opinionated Ant I owe much gratitude to this reader who often retweets my posts on Twitter. She also chose as her favourite my very first post in December 2008. . . .so sweet!
Guerrilla Gardening Tips for the Novice


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