How to Skate Russian-Style

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We took my daughter out to skate two nights ago, and I attempted to give her a skating lesson. I taught her how to start out in the "T-position" or with one skate at a 90-degree angle to the other. Her skating improved tremendously in just a few lengths of the rink, but balance was still a problem. I then instructed her to try to skate with her hands behind her back until she got her footwork down. That helped too. However, whenever I turned my back she went right back to her usual walking on the ice.

A-ha! The light went on. She doesn't think that I actually know what I'm talking about. With this in mind, when we got home, I went on YouTube and found this gem of a how-to video. The instructor validated my "T-position" instruction. However, as you'll see, he has a few problems with skating terminology and repeatedly refers to it as "pushing."

Now, I pass you to skate instructor Boris from somewhere behind former iron curtain:



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