Give Your Bike Some Urban Style

This is not the cat! Seat cover from recycled fur
Listen closely winter cyclists! If your hind quarter bears the brunt of frigid winter winds, you may want to consider buying yourself a genuine fur bicycle seat cover to put between you and your saddle. Viviane Myette designs funky, yet functional, bicycle seat covers that can easily be  slipped on and off.

Our designer had at least 50 one-of-a-kind models to choose from this weekend at the Parachute Local Designers' sale at 5145 St-Laurent, and she even brought a bike for you to see what your model would look like once you hit the road. Her creations came in houndstooth, velour, tapestry, tweed and fur, with or without tassels, beading or fringe. You could even choose one to match your outfit du jour.

Viviane Myette and her uber cool inventory
In order to get a better idea of the different models, just click on the pictures to enlarge. If you happen to be a Bixi user, our designer even has special models to fit the broader public bike seat.

Bikes are no longer for the sporty; they're the sole means of transportation for legions of urban dwellers. Isn't it time to add a little style and individuality to your ride?

ABC Cycles at 5584 Park Avenue carries Vivane's seat covers, or to deal with Vivianne directly or see more of her funky seat covers, here's her website:

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