Year 2: Top 10 posts of 2010

Yesterday was my official second blogiversary, but I got my dates confused, which is apt to happen when you're on vacation. This has been another fabulous year and for some unknown reason I went back to reading and found myself writing a lot of reviews. I also discovered that I liked making my own non-toxic cosmetics, the perfect type of recipe, the one you can't eat. I also struggled with a Twitter addiction last February, which I eventually beat. But did reading replace it...

A lot of people thought that I'd lose interest in blogging, but the opposite is true. The more I blog, the more I like it. But I've discovered that Blogger, my current blogging platform, has a lot of limitations. I may change it early in the New Year, so don't be surprised if one day you arrive at a brand new blog

I'd like to welcome all my new followers and readers who joined me this year. A large part of my traffic now comes from Blogger itself. This will be a big year because we are moving three metro stations north of our current location, which is sad yet exciting news. I also hope to broaden my blogging horizons and create my own vidcast (a blog post by video). That is, once I figure out all the video features on my camera. In case you didn't know: last year I did a podcast interview with Sonja Ahlers for Bitch Magazine, the Make-Believe edition.

Happy New Year!

The following were my most popular posts in 2010:

8 Symptoms of Internet Addiction
As you'll see, I nearly failed the test. But more importantly how did you do?
The Montreal Bixi v. the Denver B-Cycle
A friend of mine reported on her experience with the Denver B-Cycle and compared it with our fair city's Bixi.
Reads From Men
I'm sure that this post garnered a lot of attention because one of the writer's whose book I reviewed posted it on Facebook.
A Must-See Cirque Eloize's iD
Montreal is well-known for its circus companies. This is a lesser known company but nonetheless an exciting show.
Long-Gun Registry: What's Going On
Probably the political issue of the year in Canada. If you followed my blog, you'll see that I changed my position once I realized that this was a wedge issue used to divide the left.
For the Love of Vinyl
This was a major discovery in my hood. This is a fun way to spend the afternoon and skip down memory lane.
Return of the Angels
Our neighbourhood church, St-Enfant J├ęsus, is anxiously awaiting the restoration of its outdoor angels.
Films for Girls: The Bechdel-Inspired Girl-Positive Test
If you think that women have acquired equality, use this test the next time you watch a film, tv program, music video or read a book and see who the spotlight is usually on.
Bixi: Success For All?
Montreal's public bike system has been wildly successful. Now find out what our neighbourhood bicycle retailers think of it.

Which was your favourite post?



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