Park Ex: Punjab Palace Reopens

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The Punjab Palace at 920 Jean-Talon West was one of our favourite restaurants when my daughter was a toddler. You know, the glory days when children will try anything their parents are eating. At about age 3, she decided that she didn't like anything spicy, and that was the end of our days at the Punjab Palace.

After moving to Villeray last year, we learned that the restaurant had closed because of a fire. The sign outside indicated that it would be opening shortly. But shortly seemed terribly long. Then about six weeks ago, we noticed that the restaurant had reopened, but it looked quite a bit more upscale now....We wondered if it would still serve the same exquisite food for a song. Was it the same owner, and more importantly, was it the same chef?

I received an email from the Punjab Palace after I'd mentioned it in a post last year. The manager invited us back, and we had that chance last night and were not disappointed. The décor was more subdued, gleaming white drywall with some paintings of scenes in India, but the prices had changed very little. Another important point--the chef has not changed. Inderjeet Sandhu is still in the kitchen!

Check out some of these prices, and bear in mind that lunch is served until 8:00 pm but that prices change modestly after 3:30 pm.

Lunch: Vegetarian Thali - $5.00, and Non Vegetarian Thali - $6.00.

If you're overwhelmed by the choices available, just turn to the page in the menu entitled Pasad Apni Apni. This gives a list of customer favourites.

From this selection, I chose Saag, shrimp cooked in a creamed spinach curry sauce, while my husband selected Lamb Pasanda, lamb cooked in a curried yoghurt, paneer and coriander sauce. Our dishes were served with Punjab pulao, a rice dish, and naan bread. We started with six vegetable pakoras, vegetables coated in a spicy batter and deep-fried, to kick start our taste buds.

The combination of spices had our mouths watering and tongues tingling in seconds. The food was delicious, making for a memorable evening, and it only cost $34.00, indeed an inexpensive night.

Don't let the new look fool you, the Punjab Palace is the same wonderful family-run restaurant as when it started in 1991, and it has regained its crown as our favourite Indian eatery.

You can also bring your own wine...

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Anonymous | October 21, 2013 at 6:58 PM

Good review, one of the best indian restaurants in montreal, Im indian myself, nothing will beat my moms home cooking, and when i do go out to eat, i know whats good. And believe me ive tried couple of them in the city Cheap price and bring your own wine, even after the re opening the food was great.

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