Montreal Police Take Action at the Corner of Rivard and Laurier East

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On our way to school this morning, I noticed two of Montreal's finest stationed at the corner of Rivard and Laurier Avenue East, right next to our favourite neighbourhood gathering spot, la Boîte Gourmande or "le café." For several weeks, I've noticed that drivers crossing Laurier Avenue do so at excessive speeds during rush hour, at the same time as many neighbourhood children are walking to school alone.

I've discussed this concern with the St. Denis Crossing Guard, affectionately known as Madame Météo-Média because of her penchant for talking about anything related to the weather. This morning, as we crossed St. Denis, the Crossing Guard told us that, after calling the police for several weeks about this problem, apparently a concern of many parents and not just mine, the Montreal Police Department had sent over a few officers.

Kudos to our concerned Crossing Guard!

After dropping off my daughter and returning back across Rivard, I saw an irate woman waving a ticket in her hand, stomping back to her SUV and yelling in shrill tones about her "outrageous" ticket. I can see how this would not be a police officer's favourite job. I'm sure they like to give tickets about as much as we like to get them. Anyway, the police officer took it in stride.

I thanked both officers on my way home and explained again why their services were needed on that particular corner. I also complimented one officer on her super funky blue camouflage pants (Click on the picture to get a better look).

Obviously as an essential service, the Montreal Police do not have the right to strike. They can, however, protest by wearing camouflage pants and red baseball caps instead of their full uniforms. Throughout Montreal, you can see camouflage in a rainbow of colours. I have to say that I love the sense of humour and the cool visual effect of this type of protest, which is a much more positive way to say I disagree.


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