Persiankiwi et al.

I woke up early this morning anxious to see if persiankiwi, the world's number one citizen journalist, had begun tweets on Twitter. Today, June 20, 2009, will be a momentous day in Iran, where a mass and potentially deadly demonstration is to be held.

I have also been watching some of the people persiankiwi is following. Some of the best news, which has later been confirmed, has come not only from persiankiwi, but also from oxfordgirl and TehranBureau, an online independent magazine about Iran and the Iranian diaspora.

Oxfordgirl and TehranBureau

At 9:30 EST, both oxfordgirl and the TehranBureau reported a bomb explosion and clashes between protesters and riot police in Tehran. At this point, persiankiwi still had not begun giving updates on the situation.

Early this morning, oxfordgirl was advising demonstrators to protest peacefully and to "let their bodies go limp" if arrested by police. Under no circumstances were protesters to fight back. Throughout the week, persiankiwi and oxfordgirl have been advocating nonviolence in the Sea of Green protests.

I see that Harvard's Neiman Reports has quite a large ad on the TehranBureau's home page. To me, this is a tacit approval that this online magazine is a reliable source; otherwise, I can't see why they would pay for such a prominent ad. For any background information on the happenings in Iran this week, TehranBureau is your best source.

This person or team is the world's eyes in Iran. This source has been posting great videos and photos throughout the week. I admit sometimes the English is difficult to understand, but for the visual story this source is your best bet.

I have already viewed some eerie photos from maydar of riot police waiting for rioters this morning. Bear in mind that protesters are more frightened of the Iranian militia (Basij or Baseej) than the actual riot police.

First clip from Azadi Street



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