Things Are Definitely Looking Up

I returned to the Diesel Surplus store on the Main on Monday. I wanted to find out more about our South Asian underwear models. As I looked in the window, I was surprised to see that the light-skinned doll had been knocked over by a careless shopper. I asked a sales clerk about the dolls, but all he could tell me was that Diesel had sent them for window dressing because this particular store sold Diesel briefs. He had no idea if they were part of a particular campaign. When I told him that one of the dolls was doing a headstand in the front window, he ran over, picked him up and said, "If you hadn't told me that he had blue eyes, I never would have noticed."

I wanted to ask him a few more questions about Diesel's Be Stupid campaign but then thought I should ask someone else, like you reader. Aren't there enough people in the world doing stupid things without being instructed to Be Stupid. Isn't this just as bad as the 1970s adage Let it all hang out? Too many took the maxim literally and accosted our aesthetic sensibilities for decades to come. Can you think of any other sayings, slogans or maxims that have caused us lifelong regrets?

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Ella Ida | March 15, 2010 at 5:10 AM

They look rather tight, can this be good for one's circulation.
Maybe they are tight on purpose, more to do with birth-control?

Heather | March 15, 2010 at 9:55 AM

LOL! Not sure how tight they were. The doll didn't sing.

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