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The picture on the left is of a tarot card parlour with "a reading and astrological consultation" already in progress. Notice the candle burning and the woman's boot at the centre of the picture. The parlour is located underneath an Asian restaurant close to the St-Joseph and Park Avenue intersection. The reflection of the stairs down to the parlour in the front window gave the picture a ghost-like quality.

I wanted to talk to Duncan, the Mile End's premier tarot card reader, to see how business was going in light of our recent recession. He was able to talk to me for a few minutes between readings this afternoon. He has been in the Mile End's "intermediary with the spirit world" since 1999 and has reportedly said that the midnight appointment slot is his favourite time for a reading. Duncan told me that business was good but had to run because he had back-to-back appointments for the rest of the afternoon.

I noticed that he used a Mac to help him with the astral alignment portion of the astrological consultation. Perhaps an employment prospect for an unemployed Mac user.... But the candidate would have to have recent and significant experience reading tarot cards too.

I had some more pressing questions for Duncan. I wanted to know some of the most common questions that people ask him to answer, the age group of his clients and if he has a mentor. I'd also like to hear about some of his other worldy experiences. That is, if he can pencil me in....

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