Multitasker Foils Gentrification

Last month, I wrote about the Mile End's longest plant and flower stand. Along with Georges Riddell's fishing and tackle shop, these two businesses have successfully foiled the Bernard Street gentrification process. As I've previously stated, the longest and most beautiful plant and flower stand is no more, and our florist has in fact closed the block-long store and is now running a mere three stores simultaneously: one on the north side of Bernard and two on the south side, which, by the way, are not even side by side.

My most reliable Mile End source tells me that like fellow hold-out Georges Riddell, this woman is not your run-of-the mill florist. In our conversation, I learned some juicy tidbits so incredible that I couldn't possibly commit them to paper until I substantiated them for myself.

I spoke to the owner recently and learned that rising rent costs had forced her to cut back to three stores. Although her children help out in some areas, this is still basically a one-woman operation. This multitasker extraordinaire can be seen running across Bernard Street several times a day.

A few years ago, her daily routine involved setting up and taking down the entire block of flower displays and running back and forth to serve customers. Now she only has to set up three stores and run in a triangle across Bernard Street. On top of this, she is a divorced mother of 14 children. Yes, 14! Take that Octomom. Her oldest is 38 years old, and her youngest is a pre-teen.

In my previous post, you may recall that I referred to her as a thin young woman. I thought that she was in her early 40s, or about the same age as her oldest son. Hell no! This former Miss Hong Kong is 62 years old. I dropped by today to buy some flowers for an Easter brunch and she let me take her picture. What about you reader? Has this made you call into question your own multitasking skills?
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