Land of Lost and Found

I really must apologize for not blogging these past few weeks, but it took this long to make an important psychological and physical discovery. As some of you may know, we have finally sold our condo on the Plateau after having it on the market for about 7 weeks. We were naively under the impression that it would only take a few weeks. We had a lot of people interested, that is, coming to visit, but no offers. Visits require a lot of cleaning, vacuuming and dusting, and when you have a loft-style open space with two kids, this is no easy task. In addition, we wanted to move by July 1 when our new place would be free of tenants. Unfortunately, this did not happen, which meant paying a mortgage for two places.

Beautiful musical baubles, $3
I discovered this little velcro ball that rolls around in your head called anxiety, which picks up worries and concerns, both big and ridiculously small. The velcro also makes it difficult to move forward.The manifestations of anxiety are a clenched jaw, sweaty palms, an inability to sleep, concentrate or think about anything other than the here and now, which leave you to ponder the million-dollar question "What if?" all night long! For instance, "What if we don't sell?; What if we're doing something wrong?; or What if we can't move until September? In addition, with all this cleaning up and putting things away, I was forever misplacing my cell phone, security pass, keys, camera and the book I was reading. When I did find the book of the week, I'd invariably lost my page. But I found a fabulous solution at the craft sale at the St-Viateur Church last weekend.

Book Marks, $8
Dominque Bousquet creates beautiful little inexpensive objects that you can attach to your cellphone, camera, etc. so that you only have to shake your purse before you leave for work to see if you have it. In addition, she adds cool little objects like thimbles and bobbins so that you can readily identify what you're looking for by sound and by touch. She also had these gorgeous metal book marks, making it clear to anyone putting your book away, that this is le livre du jour.

Check out Dominique's fantastic creations at her Etsy store.

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