Just Observing Trends Not Individuals

In my previous post, I wrote my observations about fashion on a typical Friday night in Montreal. One of my colleagues thought that I was a bit harsh with respect to the mature woman I saw at the St. James Hotel in Old Montreal.

My colleague, who is a few years older, told me that some women are just more coquettish than others and that this trait didn't change with age; it was part of who they are. Fair enough. I appreciated her input.

It's true. Increasingly, we criticize people's appearances with little regard for the individual beneath the exterior. In addition, we are harsher critics of women's appearances than those of men.

Another colleague told me that she, too, had the same observation: that sexy seemed to be the overriding trend in the way women of all ages dressed for a night out on the town. Showing a lot of leg, cleavage and skin in general was the trend du jour, or rather du soir.

If you'll recall in my previous post, my criticism of this trend, and not the individuals, was that it was a lot of the same. There was little variety, originality or style.

After that post, I also started to question my own memory. Was it selective? I seem to remember more variety in club wear, but I could be wrong. Was there more variety in style in the 1990s?

In order to be fair to the sexes, the next time I go out on a Friday night with friends, I will be sure to check out the trends in what men are wearing.


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