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There are many fine Indian restaurants in Montreal, and although we may all know where to find the best chicken massala, most of us have seen little in the way of Indian pastries. My husband recently came home raving about Pushap Sweets, just off Decarie, where he had eaten with some work colleagues. Not only was it impressively inexpensive, but he also had an exquisite dessert made from chick peas.

He was so enthusiastic about it that the four of us went for dinner there on Saturday night. My kids don't enjoy Indian food, but we decided that they were old enough to start "acquiring" a taste. Besides, this restaurant was apparently known for its desserts--an easy selling point.

My favourite: "watermelon" made completely from cashews
Pushap Sweets is a modest vegetarian restaurant, but it did indeed have a separate desert counter with colourful deserts. Throughout our meal, there was a steady stream of Indian and non-Indian customers picking up a timbit-sized boxes of desserts. In the restaurant, we had delicious eggplant and potato curry with spicy chick peas. Our children had a less spicy curry. It was a hit with my daughter, but a little overwhelming for my son. Dessert however was another story. The charming waitress brought us a sampler with five different desserts without our asking. My daughter was a trooper and tried them all. Then my husband asked for the chick pea dessert, which I must admit had a beautiful texture.

Another dessert made from cashews
In addition to our dinner and dessert, we had two chais and took home some other desserts. The total for all of this was a whopping $29.00 My favourite was the watermelon made completely with cashews and organic food colouring to get that bright red and green. If you have a sweet tooth and would like to try something different, you might want to check it out. The woman behind the counter was very helpful and explained all the ingredients to us. Many were nut-based (pistachio, cashew or almond), but there were many others we'll have have to try another time. My husband recommends the chick pea pastry, his favourite.

Pushap Sweets
5195 Rue Paré, Montréal, 
 (514) 737-4527
Metro Namur 

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