Peaceful Tactic: Keep Wall Street (Busy) Occupied

I realize that not everyone is keen on taking part in winter camping to occupy our business districts and protest our society's corporate greed. However, many people may still want to protest in their own peaceful way. My husband sent me the video below (4:29 min) that shows people how to make their feelings known to corporations. As some of you may not view the video, I will summarize this brilliant ploy to get the banks' attention and keep them occupied, or just plain busy.

In the picture on your left you will see a business reply envelope. Through contracts with the post office, companies pay the postage on only the envelopes that are sent back. If you're receiving unsolicited credit card applications, you may want to use this "opportunity" to have a dialogue with this bank, credit card company, etc.

The following are some of the ways the video suggests that you use your business reply envelopes as a means of protest.

For those who think that silence speaks volumes
1. Send the business reply envelope back empty (the bank/corporation will be charged the going postal rate for a letter.)
2. You can send the business reply envelope and the application, plus anything else you might want to slip in, and the bank/corporation will be charged for the weight accordingly.

For those who think that dialogue is important
1. Send a note. "Dear Big Bank Clerk:  Join a union."
2. Send a wood shim, which can be purchased inexpensively at a hardware store, and put it in your business reply envelope along with a word or two, such as #greed #OWS #how does it feel?

For those who just can't find the words to express the weight of their feelings
1. Send something extremely dense like a roofing shingle.

When the corporation/bank starts to receive thousands of wood shims, roofing shingles, notes and empty envelopes, the corporation/bank will hold meetings, change old plans and implement new procedures, thus, wasting their time when they could be otherwise making money. You would be creating a means for keeping banks/corporations/government OCCUPIED.

Personally, I like the first two examples because a large part of our recycling seems to come from this type of mail .

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