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After just a few minutes on Twitter, I've learned the following:


There are still rumours that the Marines have been called in . Apparently, they will be wearing their dress blues and are to be acting as a buffer between protesters and police.

@OccupyWallStreet, the Twitter handle of the organization behind the movement has been deactivated. Yes, the days of Twitter neutrality are long gone.

OccupyWallSt.org is back fully online after a lightening fast server was donated by @AlterNet.

There will be a Virtual March on Wall Street on Wednesday, October 5, to support the Anti-Wall Street movement throughout the US. The site will be giving supporters instructions on how to make their voices heard.You must have a US Postal Code to sign on.Try 90210. . .

At the Occupy Boston protest, 25 people were arrested over the weekend.

For comfort needs, the people camped out in NYC still need sleeping bags. Donations can be sent to UPS Store 118A Fulton st #205 New York, NY, 10038.

Yesterday, I found that "Occupy Wall Street" did not yield very much on Google.
For better results, try "Anti-Wall Street protests."

Here's some sites where there was decent coverage yesterday. There is more news on the right-wing side of things, but the following sites will keep the left better focused.

The Village Voice
The Nation

However, the site with the best coverage to date with up-to-the-minute developments is The Guardian's Live Blog (You Rock!).

Another great read tweeted by Journalist Jay Rosen "Hacktivism Meets Wall Street."

Happy Reading and Discovering Resources!

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